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BOOKS written by Karle Granlund:

Blacktail Secrets, by Karle Granlund ($19.99 plus tax & shipping)
Actual hunting stories with tips on blacktail deer hunting on Vancouver Island:

"The hunter sits beneath the sky as stars begin to fade,
The blackness turns to deepest blue, and then the dawn of grey.
The tree frogs strum their deepest chords as Robins join the fray.
And all the forest waits to sing as dawn turns into day.
The alders sign as gentle winds caress their naked boughs,
While far away the city folk sit down to eat their cows,
And in the morning death tests the wind with it's wings,
and soars to the secret place where the deodar sings.
A gentle wind moves softly now as cedars seem to sigh,
and all the creatures wait to see which one of them must die.
The eagle stirs and tests the wind for tidings it may bring,
and listens for the song of death, while the maples sing,
And in the morning a still small voice is forgotten one again,
A path to choose, a life to lose, move now Here Comes the Rain. "

Treed Beyond the River, 3rd Edition by Karle Granlund ($29.99 plus tax and shipping!)
"Now I asked of me a houndsman, but I saw, so I thought, a tear beginning to smoulder
and I saw in his eyes cliffs and rivers and graves and death peering over his shoulder.
At last he spoke softly, so still that it seemed, I must have imagined his words:"
" You must love the hounds, son, or a houndsman you shall never be."

Fire in the Willows, by Karle Granlund (coming soon)
Science fiction with hunting on other planets!

"I Shemgar ran through a broad marsh until finally I burst through the last of the swamp grass upon a sandy beach. I saw the one which I pursed and I spurred on with renewed vigor until I caught him by the water and bound him with the rope of the Azkari. Yet even as I cinched the knot another appeared, his face pockmarked with puncture wounds and I struggled with him for control of his weapon for death was in it and I must not die, I dared not die. I found myself overpowered and helpless against his greater strength. We fell and fought at the edge of the water and it was he, not I who was gaining the mastery.''

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